What is the product about?

Micro Financing (FS BOLT) is a short-term financing product to finance a company's everyday operations.

What are the financing terms?

1. Return rate
Return rate is 0.8%-1.5% per month

2. Principal financing amount
Max up to RM 200k.

3. Financing payment tenure
We offer 3 - 18 months tenure

What are the charges do I have to pay? 

1. Utilisation fee
The utilisation fee is 5% upon disbursement. We won't charge any fee if you decided to decline our offer. 

2. Guarantee fee

The guarantee fee is 5% upon disbursement. Same as the Utilisation fee, we won't charge any fee if you decide to decline our offer.

3. Early Returns Received.
We’ve always encouraged the issuers to make early payments if they can. In fact, by paying early, you can save more on the returns. Any early payment is subject to a 2% Early Returns Received on the remaining principal to partially compensate the investors for the loss of the residual returns. 

How much is the installment per month?

1. Payment table (illustration) 

The installment per month with different returns rate and tenure is as shown below:

What are the documents required?

1. Documents required for credit assessment

  • Copy of IC of all the directors 

  • Latest 6-month business bank statement

  • The Statement of Consent (for a credit check)

  • BE Form (optional)

Is there any compensation for delayed payments?

1. Compensation charges

  • Compensation: 0.1% / day on arrears amount; and

  • Penalty fee: RM 200 / month

(Update: The above terms are updated as of 15/3/2021, if you wish to opt for our previous product terms, please inform the key account manager during application.)

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