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Islamic Investment with Funding Societies
How to Invest in our Islamic Investment Products
How to Invest in our Islamic Investment Products
Learn how to invest in our Islamic Financing product.
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To invest in our Islamic Financing Products you can Invest manually via your apps login / your website login

You can invest through the web or using our Investor mobile app, now available on Android and iOS.

The method of manual investment is similar to our conventional product. You may refer here for more details.

Identifying the Islamic Financing Notes

To identify the Islamic Financing Notes :-

  1. Log into your account accordingly.

  2. Click Menu, and then go to the Investment Opportunities Available page.

  3. You can then search for notes with the Islamic Financing codes, such as Guaranteed Investment Islamic Notes (GN-i) which begins with MBIBG

Example : MBIBG-20024418

You can then invest in these types of notes accordingly.

Invest via our Auto-investment Bot

You can also invest in our Islamic Financing note via our Auto Invest bot. You can refer to the link here for more details on how to set our Auto Invest bot. You may set your Auto Invest bot for Guaranteed Investment Note financing type as at the moment, the Islamic Financing option is under the Guaranteed Investment Note.

Note : At this moment, all auto allocations will be made for Islamic Investment notes ONLY. If you wish to exclude yourself from Islamic Investment, you may exclude yourself from the note by opting out manually from the auto-allocation made by the Auto Invest bot during the pre-investment period, which is 4 hours before the investment starts. Investment time can be referred to the pre-investment email, which will be sent to all activated investors.

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