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How do I sign up as an investor?
How do I sign up as an investor?

Follow these quick and easy steps to start investing!

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Step 1: Click here and create your profile. Kindly ensure all information provided is as per your national identification card for Malaysian Citizen, and Passport for non-Malaysian. (Minimum sign up age is 21 years old and above)


Step 2: Upload a scanned copy of the following documents for investor application:

For Malaysian: NRIC – Front and Back is compulsory. Please ensure that the information and photograph is clear for verification purposes.

For Foreigner (residing in Malaysia): – Passport + Proof of Residential*

Any of the below documents can be submitted as Proof of Residential Address:

  • Employment Visa, Permanent Resident NRIC, MM2H Visa, Residency Pass Malaysia.

For Foreigner (residing overseas): – Passport

Step 3: You will receive a verification email from us, click on the link in your email! After which, you can log back into your account. You can see the start page, where you will need to click on “Fill in subscription agreement” to get started. Kindly ensure that all the boxes are ticked.

Step 4: Complete your source of wealth declaration.

Step 5: Make an initial deposit of RM 100. Please be informed that we only accept FPX, Online Banking and ATM transfers from your bank account to your Funding Societies account. No cash deposits are accepted.

Step 6: Upload your bank statement to set up your withdrawal bank account. The bank statement must show the bank logo, the bank account number and the name of the bank account owner. Please note that this option is mandatory as proof of account ownership.

Step 7: We will conduct due diligence process. Kindly allow 2 to 3 business days for your account to be activated (provided all documentation and declared information is complete and accurate). Once your account is activated, we will send you an email and you may begin your investment journey with us.

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