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Our credit assessment explained
Our credit assessment explained
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To be eligible your company must be:

  1. Incorporated in Malaysia with a minimum of 30% shareholding by Malaysian citizens

  2. Either a sole proprietorship, partnership, incorporated limited liability partnerships, private limited company or an unlisted public company

  3. Operating for at least 1 year

  4. Annual turnover of at least RM 1,000,000

You will be in investing in Malaysian SMEs who have passed through our rigorous credit assessment. We encourage our investors to check the factsheet of the investment opportunity before investing. 

We then request for the standard set of company and financial documents for further assessment of the financial performance of the company before verifying the credit bureau reports of all the directors and check for credit litigation history against the company.

If the verification checks out, we will then schedule a site visit to the issuer's business premises where we assess their willingness and ability to finance their payments.

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