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Understanding our Auto-Invest 3.0 Algorithm
Understanding our Auto-Invest 3.0 Algorithm

Find out how our algorithm for Auto Investment works!

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Our algorithm works by first running through all the filters to see which investors have the settings that matches the Note. Then it will check the total amount of all investors that are on auto-invest. However, the entire financing term amount will not be open for auto-invest. A percentage of the financing term amount (between 20% to 70%) will be left open for investments.

If the total auto-investments are more than the amount we are opening for auto-invest, the system will pro-rate it downwards to the nearest RM100. If there is too many investors on auto-invest and the financing term amount is not enough to accommodate all investors, the system will prioritize the investors who did not invest recently.

This is to be fair to investors but does not mean you are unable to invest. You can still participate or increase your investment amount when the investment opportunity is open for investment. 

Note: Changes made to your auto-investment preferences when any financing term is up for Pre-CF will only take effect the next funding. 

Click here to read our recommended auto-invest settings.

Things to take note:

  1. Auto-invest will not be activated if your available balance is lower than the auto investment amount you have specified, so do ensure you maintain a healthy available balance

    E.g. If you specify an amount of RM1,000 but your balance is RM800, you will not be allocated in the Note.
    Exception would be if you have enabled 'Exhaust Balance', you're able to read about this more in our article explaining how to setup your Auto Invest bot(s).

  2. Auto-invest will not allocate your funds for you, if your exposure limit has exceeded the 'Max Issuer Exposure' percentage that you have set. To know more about how the 'Max Issuer Exposure works, head over to our article on setting up your Auto Invest bot(s).

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