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How do I sign up as an Angel Investor?
How do I sign up as an Angel Investor?
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To sign up as an angel investor, you must declare an individual annual income of at least RM180,000 or above (if you are earning in a foreign currency we will convert the amount into MYR) or have a net worth of more than RM 3 Million (this can be joint with your spouse). If you and your spouse have a joint annual income of RM250,000 we can also consider you as an angel investor.
The advantage of being an Angel investor with us at Funding Societies is that you can invest more than RM50,000 on the platform at a given time.

This is a self declaration process, meaning that you will not be required to send in any supporting documents to prove your income. Due to our PDPA policy, we will also not share any of this information with a third party.

You will need to make this declaration when filling up your Subscription Agreement information whilst signing up as an investor. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Experience team who can assist you with this process.

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