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Overview & Portfolio Numbers Explained
Overview & Portfolio Numbers Explained

A simple breakdown of what the numbers on your overview & portfolio reflect

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The terms and numbers you see on your portfolio can often be difficult to understand or misinterpreted. Here, we break them down for you in simpler terms:

Total Deposits: The total amount of deposits made that have been allocated to your Investor account

Total Withdrawals: The total amount of withdrawals that have been requested, including pending requests

Total Invested: Your total cumulative Investment amount which includes the re-investments from your payments

Annualized Portfolio Performance: Weighted average annualized returns based on all the Notes that you have invested in, less the proportion of your defaulted Principal.

Total Income: Total returns, compensation, Early returns payments received on all Invested Notes

Bonus received: Cash-backs and promotional offers

Total Expenses: Service fees + Withholding taxes

Service fees: The fees that Funding Societies charges Investors on their returns earned from successful payments -this will vary across different investment opportunities, please click here to learn more about our service fees.

Withholding taxes: Tax withheld for any non-Malaysian tax resident on returns earned

Net income: Investment returns + Bonus received - Expenses. It does not factor in principal defaulted.

Number of Investments: The total number of financing terms on your Portfolio that you have invested in, not including ongoing investment opportunities

Expected Returns (RM): The total amount of returns expected to be received, from the total invested amount

Investments Ongoing: The number of investment opportunities on your Portfolio that have not been completed and defaulted

Due Unpaid this month (RM): Outstanding amount and defaulted payment from previous month will be accumulated here

Expected Payments this month (RM): The total expected payments from installments due this month inclusive of defaulted notes and payments already distributed to investors

Outstanding principal (exposure) (RM): Total Principal of all investments - Total Principal received

Principal defaulted (RM): The total amount of your Invested principal on investment opportunities that have defaulted

Upcoming Payments: The expected principal and returns on investment opportunities Invested over the next 6 months, excluding payments already distributed to investors and defaulted notes

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