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Understanding a few key terms in a fact sheet

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Factsheet is a document for investors to go through before deciding whether to invest into each investment. There are a few key terms that you will need to know in a factsheet.

Note: Factsheet is only made available when it is in pre-funding and funding stage or when you have invested into that Note.


Issuer ID: ID given to identify a specific Note Issuer

Financing ID: ID given to each Note also known as Note ID

Financing Recommended Amount: Total funding amount for each Note

Tenure: The period or duration of the Note, where payments will be repaid based on the duration

Simple Profit Rate P.A.: The profit charged on Issuer per annum 

Effective Profit Rate P.A.: This figure takes into account the compounding effect of the profit rate

Industry: This is based on Royal Malaysian Customs Department’s definition of business nature of the Note Issuer

Investors’ Payment Schedule (RM): This shows the payment structure for the specified Note


SME Credit Score: This score is taken from an external Credit Rating Agency (CRA) report. It can be used as a representation of the SME’s credit risk and also the prediction of the probability of default for the SMEs.

 Note: You may refer to the SME Credit Score and corresponding Probability of Default (PD) value table at the last page of the factsheet.

Company’s Summary: This is a brief description of the background of Issuer’s company

Business Nature: This describes what the Issuer’s company does which include the company sector or industry and type of services

Payment Behavior and financing record: This is the overall payment conduct by Issuer on their financing record which is based on the Central Credit Reference.

Note: You may refer to the last page of the factsheet for further elaboration on the overall conduct.

Director’s & PGs’ Summary: This part describes the background of the director and personal guarantor of Issuer company such as the position they hold, age, as well as the percentage of shareholding

Bank Statement Summary: This shows the number of bank accounts and available bank balance Issuer has as well as the average deposits and withdrawals Issuer has made within the time period. This may indicate Issuer's payment capabilities. 

General Overview: This section explains the purpose of Issuer apply for financing

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