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Accounts Payable Financing (MBAP/MBDF)
Accounts Payable Financing (MBAP/MBDF)

To understand Investment Notes under the code MBAP and MBDF

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Accounts Payable Financing (AP Financing) is an unsecured product where this is used to fund the transaction(s) of the Issuer. For example, purchasing raw materials needed to manufacture steels pipes.

Our Accounts Payable Financing listings comprises two types of disclosures. For your ease of reference, we segregate our product code based on below:

  1. Purchase Order Financing (PO Financing): (MBAP-XXXXXXXXX)

  2. Dealer Financing: (MBDF-XXXXXXXX)

For Purchase Order Financing, the tenor is in the range of 15 days to 150 days, with bullet payments of full principal and returns to be repaid at the end of the tenure. 

The Service Fee is up to 30% on returns earned, based on the products invested. 

Bullet payment is calculated by:

(Principal Invested + Simple Profit Earned) - Service Fee

To know more about Dealer Financing, you may click here for more information!

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