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What are the documents required for financing application?
What are the documents required for financing application?

This article provides information on documents required for financing application.

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When you make application on behalf of your company / business for financing, we will require a number of documents to enable our credit team to conduct credit risk assessment on your company / business before your financing request is approved. 

For Business Term Financing, Accounts Payable Financing, Accounts Receivable Financing and Dealer Financing option, the documents required may vary depending on the tenure, the quantum amount and the credit assessment made. Once you have submitted the online application, our team will contact you for the required documents. You may also contact our team directly via email at [email protected] for further information on the matter. 

For microfinancing option, the following documents are required by Funding Societies:  

  1. NRIC (front and back) of all directors of the Company

  2. Company Registration form

  3. 6 Months business bank statement / personal bank statement

  4. Personal BE form for 2018 & 2017 (if any)

For Foreigners (residing in Malaysia):

  • Passport + Proof of Residential

  • Employment Visa, Permanent Resident NRIC, MM2H Visa, Residency Pass Malaysia

  • Utility (Telephone (land-line only) or water or internet) with name and address clearly marked on

  • Bank or credit card statement with name and address clearly marked on

  • Rental agreement (tenancy agreement) with name and address clearly marked on

Kindly note that the documents mentioned above are not exhaustive. Our team may be in touch with you should there be any further documents required.

The whole process from financing application to approval and disbursement may take up to 2 to 4 weeks.

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