Can I make early payment?

How early payment works.

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We’ve always encourage the issuers to make early payments if they can. 

For your information, there are no early payment fees for Accounts Receivable Financing, Accounts Payable Financing and Dealer Financing. In fact, by paying early, you will save more on the return. 

As for Business Term Financing and FS Bolt, any early payment is subject to 2% Prepayment Fee on remainder principal to partially compensate investors on the loss of the residual return. You may refer to the below for an example of early payment calculation. 

E.g. You’ve  taken up financing of RM1,000 at 12% p.a. into a 4 month financing term. You will have to pay for RM250 x 2 in principal and RM10 x 2 in return for the first and second installments. However, if you decide to pay off the remaining of the financing term. You will then have to pay your outstanding principal of RM500 and RM10 in early payment fees.

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