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Accounts Payable Financing (Islamic Financing)
Accounts Payable Financing (Islamic Financing)

To understand Investment Notes under the code MBIAP

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What is Accounts Payable Financing (Islamic Financing) ?

Accounts Payable Financing (Islamic Financing) is one of our latest Shariah compliant investment products. Just like the conventional product, it is used to fund the transaction(s) of the Issuer. For example, purchasing raw materials needed to manufacture steel pipes.

How to differentiate Accounts Payable Financing (Islamic Financing) with the conventional financing?

For your ease of reference, our Accounts Payable Financing ( Islamic Financing) product code is MBIAP. Alternatively, there will be a Mooncrest icon next to the Note Code for Islamic investment note(s).

What is the tenure of this investment product ?

The tenor is in the range of 15 days to 150 days

What is the payment structure of the investment product ?

The payment structure for this investment product is bullet payments, where the full principal and returns are to be paid at the end of the tenure.

What is the service fee for this investment product ?

The service fee is up to 30% on returns earned, based on the products invested.

Note: Auto Invest is now available for both conventional and Islamic investment Notes. Click here to know more on how to get invested in Islamic Notes only.

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