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Additional Personal Guarantor (PG)
Additional Personal Guarantor (PG)

This article describes the common questions on providing an additional personal guarantor

Written by Lawrence Lim
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  1. Why do I need an additional personal guarantor?

    • Adding a personal guarantor will better assist us in assessing your application.

  2. Who qualifies as an eligible additional personal guarantor?

    • An eligible additional personal guarantor must demonstrate a minimum of six (6) months of consistent and ongoing repayment records, such as credit card payments or mortgage obligations.

  3. What specific information and documentation are required from the additional personal guarantor?

    • To facilitate the financing application process, we kindly request the following essential details from the additional personal guarantor:

    1. Full name

    2. IC number

    3. Phone number

    4. Email address

    5. Residential address

    6. Relationship with the applicant

    7. Front and back photo of their IC

    8. Completed submission form

  4. How can I provide the information and documents for the additional personal guarantor?

    • We will send you a WhatsApp that includes a secure link and a unique reference ID. The guarantor should simply click on the provided link, which will direct them to a submission form.

    • By following the instructions within the form, the guarantor can securely provide all the required details and upload the necessary documents.

  5. Can the business-related individual serve as the additional personal guarantor?

    • No, the additional personal guarantor must be someone other than the business-related individual. This means that individuals such as company directors, business partners, and shareholders associated with the applicant's business cannot fulfill the role of the personal guarantor.

  6. Would being an additional personal guarantor impact their credit score if the application fails?

    • No, the failed application wouldn't affect the credit score of either the additional personal guarantor or the applicant.

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